One thing I like to see in any website, for women or really any other topic, is a general occasional "state of affairs" sort of summary. The good news with the bad. The progress and the setbacks. The updates and follow-ups to older stories. The things to celebrate and the things to start getting the pitchforks and… » 7/29/14 6:32pm Today 6:32pm

Yeah, it's been ridiculously high for a long while now. Not that we're in a good place, but politicians and economists here have been pointing to Spain as a way of saying "Look at how well we're doing at only 15%/20% youth unemployment!" And then proceed to blame that percentage for their own situation and dismiss… » 7/28/14 4:43pm Yesterday 4:43pm

His odds aren't bad. The only real significant obstacle to his re-election is the Liberal party picking themselves a popular new leader (and son of a former Prime Minister). He still enjoys a great deal of support among the significant portion of the population that supports his American-style conservatism… » 7/27/14 11:45am Sunday 11:45am

On a semi-related note, the media now seems to have decided that the magical cure for unemployment is entrepreneurship. Clearly all these unemployed people just never thought to grab a few thousand and start their own businesses before. What could possibly go wrong? » 7/26/14 5:58pm Saturday 5:58pm